2016 Louisiana Senior Amateur Tour
    Q:  Who is qualified to play on the LA Senior Amateur Tour?  How long has there been a Senior Tour in LA?
    A:  If you are at least 50 years old, or your 50th birthday occurs during our scheduled season, you may start
           playing at the beginning of the season.  This is our 7th year.
    Q:  I am a 15 handicap, I can't compete with the scratch golfers, where do I fit in?
    A:  We have 4-different flights.  No matter what your skill level, we have a place for you.  Within your flight, you
           will compete heads-up against the other members in your flight.
    Q:  I don't carry a handicap, how will you place me in a flight?
    A:  A majority of our members have a history with me and this tour or the Golfweek Tour, we will use their
           handicap from last year.  New players will be contacted by the Director, Eric Simmons, prior to the first
           event to discuss skill level and flight .
    Q:  What do you win?
    A:  The top 3 places in each flight will receive Gift Certificates from Golfballs.com.  The winner will always
           receive a trophy with their name engraved on it.  Points are awarded to every person in the tournament that
           accumulate during the season.  The seasons points winner in each flight will receive their Tour
           Championship Entry at Pinehurst paid.  Season points winners also receive a year end trophy.  
    Q:  Do I have to know all the rules of golf to play on this tour?
    A:  The immediate answer is "No!".  However, As a golfer, you should want to be knowledgeable about this great
           game, We all should be students of the game, always seeking to learn the rules that govern it.  Asking a
           player in your group what is the rule is not seeking advice, and therefore not a penalty.
           Asking another player how you should apply the rules is asking advice and a 2 stroke penalty.
    Q:  I was told that we will be required to follow all the rules of golf, what about when you find your ball against a
           root, or in a divot, or in a hole that some animal dug?
    A:  All of those situations are covered in the Decisions of the Rules of Golf.  There are two rules that cover all
           three of the above issues.  (1) Play the ball as it lies; (2) Leave the course as you found it.  If you don't want
           to play the ball off the root or the divot, you may move it, but it will always carry a penalty.  The hole dug by an
           animal, you get relief without penalty.  As a member of the Senior Tour, you will receive a rule book at the
           first event you attend.  
    Q:  What is the Scoring Challenge?
    A:  This is an optional game.  It is played within your flight against other players at your skill level.  You will put up
           $10 at the beginning of the season, we will track one par four from each tournament.  There will be a sponsor
           sign on the hole that we are tracking at each event.  At the end of the season, we will count the best 8
           scores and drop the rest.  The player with the lowest total score takes the pot.  Ties split.
    Q:  What are Day-Money Games
           $5 flight skins. (the lowest score on "any" hole within your flight will win, ties push.)
           $10 Overall skins. (the lowest score on "any" hole against the whole field, ties push.)
           $5 Closest to the Pin in your flight. (the closest shot to the pin on two of the par threes wins.)
           Hole in One-You are automatically entered if you enter Closest to the Hole.  Guests excluded
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